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At LKJ Financial, we feel there is a need to transform how women are served in the financial industry. Our focus is not only on the financials, but also on ensuring that women’s physical and emotional needs are addressed in financial and  life planning. It’s not just about the money – it’s about total well-being.  We recognize that women often retire very differently from the way that men do, and are careful to address these differences in our practice. We are proud to specialize in life planning, not just retirement planning.

In order to introduce people to Women’s Worth®, we conduct a series of women-only dinners that will focus on topics including:

  • Physical health – The secrets of living a long and healthy life whether you live to 85, 95 or beyond 100
  • Health and long term care planning – how do you plan in the event of a catastrophic illness?
  • Lifetime income planning – How can you prevent outliving your money?
  • Asset protection – Are you prepared to protect your savings from market volatility?
  • Estate and legacy planning – Will your estate pass on according to your wishes?

In order to register for an upcoming Woman’s Worth® dinner event, please call 713.840.0534 or email marketing@lkjfinancial.com. We look forward to seeing you there!